Who Was Theano?

Historians debate about who Theano was, or if there were actually two important women named Theano. But the general consensus is that she was a student of Pythagoras, later his wife, and ultimately a teacher and leader in the Pythagorean school. Philosopher, mathematician, cosmologist, and much more.

Theano of Croton

You can easily find in depth writings online and in books that dive into the facts and theories about who she was (or they were). But why is she important to the Vegan community, you might ask?

There is much evidence to support that both Pythagoras and Theano followed a strict Vegan diet, possibly even a high raw diet! They had a clear stance against consuming animal flesh or fish, and quite probably any dairy or animal products whatsoever. This choice was brought about by their philosophy that animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption or to feed other animals. Not surprisingly, if you were vegetarian or vegan at the time, you were said to follow a “Pythagorean Diet!”

Fun Facts:
July 11th is called The Feast of Theano (Vegetarian/Vegan holiday)
Theano is considered the Patron Saint of Vegetarianism (Vegan wasn’t a word at the time!)

So what better name than THEANO to celebrate our passion for Vegan Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine? We don’t think there is one!

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