We Have Moved!

Thanks to your AMAZING support, we quickly outgrew the food truck, and have moved into the Cloud Kitchens “5610 Food Co” commercial kitchens building to grow the brand and menu! This move will greatly speed up our process of moving into traditional restaurant spaces!

If you’re not familiar with this new location, it’s an amazing facility, with over 40 individual commercial kitchens used by restaurants of all sizes. It primarily serves as a hub for pickup and delivery of online orders, but you can also order on location and eat inside or outside. It’s a “virtual food hall” with every kind of cuisine you can imagine!

Located at 5610 N IH-35, Austin, TX 78751, it’s on the West side of the interstate between 290 and 51st St, and very accessible to Central and North Austin! You can order online through our website, on your favorite 3rd party apps, on the 5610 Food Co website, or inside the building, so your options for ordering are vast. Delivery or pickup is available as usual, and you’re welcome to enjoy your meal at any of the indoor or outdoor dining areas right there!

While we won’t always be able to see your smiling faces and say “hi” in person (as we’ll be busy in our kitchen area), we will definitely try to poke our heads out when we get a chance! As some of you already know, we’re very excited for this change, and for the opportunity to bring a LOT more of your favorite Greek and Mediterranean dishes to you!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, for the latest updates, and we’ll “see” you soon!

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