We Are Hiring

Thank you for contacting us about our open job position! We would like to share some more detailed information about the current position and its potential for growth, as well as some more information about the Theano concept.

“Theano Vegan Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine” is an All-Vegan concept, founded by husband and wife team Chris and Cheryl. The menu premise is centered around popular Greek dishes, plus common offerings from around the Mediterranean region.


We are currently looking to hire someone for one position, part time on weekdays, with duties listed below. Pay rate would be based on experience level, but will be competitive.

Location would be at the 5610 Food Co building, Cloud Kitchens.

Duties would initially include:
  • Light Food Prep
  • Line Cook / Plate Prep
  • Dish Washing and Typical Shift Cleanup
Primary requirements are fairly straightforward.
  • Must be legal to work
  • Valid TX Food Handler’s Permit (or FSM Permit)
  • Excellent people skills and maintain good appearance
  • Good work ethic, honest, reliable (including reliable transportation)
  • Commitment to the team and the concept, willing to grow with us (not just using the job to get by)
  • Note – Although we would prefer to hire a Vegan applicant, it’s not mandatory
What to expect from us:
  • Fun, low-drama work environment (we’re quirky, real people, not corporate!)
  • Hands on training for all tasks (we won’t just throw you to the wolves)
  • Fair wage, and benefits options in the future
  • Room for growth and promotion as we grow the brand (which is happening fast)!
Still think this is a good fit for you?? We hope so!

As per the “resume” we would have requested in your email reply, it can be very informal, nothing “official” like you would send to a corporate office!  You can send as an attachment or just type up a simple email! General information we’re interested in would included:

  • Work history both in the food industry and out (and any details you think would be important)
  • General education info (college degree is NOT required for this!)
  • Potential start date (we’re looking to fill the position fairly soon, as business is picking up)
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg-curious, or omni? Not required by any means, but feel free to share (not a job requirement, although being we’re upfront that we would prefer to hire a Vegan applicant if all other criteria are equal)
  • Write up a paragraph on why you would want to work with us, and why you think you would be a great fit! Be creative, but please be HONEST!

That’s about it!  We will also have a formal application and all the fun paperwork you would expect, but this is all we need for now! We hope to hear from you soon, and again, Thank You for getting in touch with us!

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