We take allergens very seriously! While we can’t eliminate all risk of cross-contact from shared surfaces, we do our best to minimize any major contact.

Only you know what your sensitivities are, so we ask that as with any restaurant you visit, use your best judgement!

Also, be aware that our menu items and recipes may change, so it’s always best to confirm if you have a major food allergy.

Below are some of the major allergens on our current menu, and a few options to help you make the best choices for your particular needs.


You’ll find that our menu is Very Gluten Free Friendly! Most items are easily ordered gluten free with only minor changes, so just ask us!

Pita Bread – All Mezedes and Platters that are served with Pita can be ordered Gluten Free by getting extra fresh cut vegetables instead of Pita. The exceptions on platters would be items that are already gluten based (which are very few!).
Gardein items (contain both vital wheat gluten and soy). We do have a couple of faux meat options in the works that are GF, so stay tuned!
Spanakopita – Made with traditional wheat based Phyllo Dough
Baklava – Made with traditional wheat based Phyllo Dough


Our menu is very Soy Free Friendly, as we only use a couple of faux meats that are soy based, but there are a couple of items to be aware of that have trace amounts or soybean oil (which often isn’t an issue unless you have a severe allergy – again, you be the judge).

Tempeh – Traditional Soybean based Tempeh
Gardein items are soy based (their Beefless items also contain gluten)
Mayo based sauces – We use Vegenaise Vegan Mayo, which is Soy based. Currently only used in the Spicy Harissa Mayo sauce.
Pita Bread – these are made with a small amount of Soybean Oil. Please use your own judgement as to your sensitivity if you have a soy allergy, but if you’re “avoiding soy”, this shouldn’t be a concern.


We currently only use nuts in one item, our Baklava, which uses Walnuts. We will have more desserts in the future, specifically nut free, so keep checking with us (follow on social media!).

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