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Our Cloud Kitchens/5610 Food Co location is now closed, last day was 2-18-23!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us regularly while we were at Cloud Kitchens.
Your support has meant the world to us!

Our Cloud Kitchens lease term is ending in May, but we have made the decision to stop service there early.

We get it – you don’t like the Ghost Kitchen concept (neither do we). We never intended to run from Cloud Kitchens long term, it was a temporary solution to keep the brand going while we looked for traditional restaurant space, and to train key staff to be ready to open in the restaurant space. Staying on the food truck was never an option (that was only a Covid-era solution).

We decided early on NOT to hire at Cloud Kitchens because the sales numbers didn’t justify it, and hiring qualified staff has been extremely hard for everyone in the food industry. We decided to run the schedule when we were able, despite Cheryl’s health issues. Thus the limited menu/menu changes, limited hours, etc.

We have multiple options on the table, but are being very careful about any decisions we make due to the current recession, which has contributed to many vegan businesses closing recently. We’ve actually passed on two viable locations. Even though restaurant space is extremely hard to find, we’re being even more scrutinous about our criteria.

Please continue to check our web site and follow social for updates and news!

Thanks again!
Chris & Cheryl

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